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We are very excited to be honoring Dede Solis on April 6th for her commitment to education in children for over 30 years in Malibu.

As a special gift to Dede we are making a Tribute Journal and we want you to be a part of it.


  • Choose what type of page and size you want your message
  • Email Micaela your words (
  • Email Micaela a picture of yourself or any  picture that you would like included on your full page.
  • Pay for you add with the paypal link below

Thank you for your participation

Micaela, Cory & Sarah

 Yes I  would be honored to write a message in  tribute Journal for Dede Solis

Diamond Page      $1,800    (includes 4 Gala reservations)  
Gold Page            $1,000    (includes 2 Gala reservations)  
Silver Page           $500   
Full Page              $100              
Half Page             $75             
Quarter Page        $50           
Greeting              $25 



Tribute Journal
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